Masters in TESOL Dissertation research and results

The video below explains my masters dissertation which was carried out in summer 2020 while studying a MSc in TESOL.

Title of dissertation – An analysis of the linguistic representation of affect in ELT Coursebook Materials.

Key Research Questions
As were discussed in detail in the literature review, there are three primary research questions that were looked at with coursebook material with the linguistic representation of affect.

  1. What is the relationship between emotional vocabulary and the contents of material being taught at a Young Learner level?
  2. What is the relationship between emotional vocabulary and the proficiency level of English in coursebook material in reference to the CEFR?
  3. How can the examination of these relationships be useful for English Language Teaching curriculum and material development?

This research has been presented at several conferences around Europe with results and material published in several publications to date.

The dissertation and masters both received distinction grades and were published by the university.

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