Useful Webinar Links

Not a review page, simply a list of links that some might find useful as I’ve been asked for these a few times in the past.

Since we’re all online at the minute, we might as well skill up and maybe even earn a certificate or two, CPD afterall.

Delta Publishing – my favourite book series on teacher development offer their own webinars – link.

Trinity College London – Transformative Teachers webinars, quite interactive – link.

Oxford University Press – link.

Pearson – link.

Cambridge English – link.

The British Council – link.

Macmillan – link.

National Geographic – link.

Teaching Council Ireland – link.

IATEFL – it’s also worth keeping an eye on all of the Special Interest Groups as they tend to run their own webinars, publications and series – link.

See what takes your fancy and enjoy.

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