New International Podcast

A few weeks ago a group of us got together with the intention of creating a storytelling podcast, which contained a wide range of voices, stories and ideas from all over the planet. Generally those who are appearing on it are teachers (lucky coincidence for now) so there is a bit of teacher discussion, but we hope the stories can be enjoyed by anyone anywhere.

Give it a listen, we’d love a bit of feedback. We’re releasing an episode once a fortnight for now and welcome anyone online who wants to tell a tale.

Storytellers Debate – To Change or Update Tales? A Cornucopia Of Tales and Tellers

This week we have not one, not two, but six storytellers and/or storytelling teachers online to discuss a point we raised in our last episode – should we change, edit or update our tales to fit with the current zeitgeist or feeling of the times? Alan and Simona were very pleased to be joined by Enedina Sanna, David Heathfield, Manuela Kelly and Jackie Ross to discuss storytelling, tradition, mythology and what we would or wouldn't tell.  Enjoy. —-more—- A Cornucopia of Tales and Tellers is a passion project brought to you by English teachers Alan and Simona, who want to create a compilation – or cornucopia if you will – of stories from all around the world and by as many tellers from around the world as possible.  So grab a cup of tea, chai, water or uisce beatha, relax and enjoy hearing tales that have been handed down generations, or even ones that were dreamt up yesterday! Music by Purple Planet. Find us on Facebook and Twitter. If you like what you hear, you can Buy Us A Coffee to help fund future episodes and the hosting of our podcasts.
  1. Storytellers Debate – To Change or Update Tales?
  2. Podcast Project Update
  3. Fairies and riddles
  4. IATEFL Interview with David, Haneen and Alan
  5. Simona’s musings about nature storytelling

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