New International Podcast

A few weeks ago a group of us got together with the intention of creating a storytelling podcast, which contained a wide range of voices, stories and ideas from all over the planet. Generally those who are appearing on it are teachers (lucky coincidence for now) so there is a bit of teacher discussion, but we hope the stories can be enjoyed by anyone anywhere.

Give it a listen, we’d love a bit of feedback. We’re releasing an episode once a fortnight for now and welcome anyone online who wants to tell a tale.

Simona’s musings about nature storytelling A Cornucopia Of Tales and Tellers

In this episode, Simona talks about her recent first experience with telling a story in a nature context and tells the story of Awangaleema.
  1. Simona’s musings about nature storytelling
  2. Tales from Legendary Irish Seanchaí Éamon Kelly
  3. Springtime stories with Alan, David and Simona
  4. Sardinia, The Oxman and Tales of the Land with Enedina Sanna
  5. A storytelling journey with David Heathfield

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