Energising and Craic!

In around 12 hours, IATEFL 2022 Belfast begins.

Personally I absolutely love conferences. None of this online stuff, face to face conferences, having the craic and learning plenty of new stuff.

For me, its Global Issues SIG on the Monday, followed by four days of the full blown conference and hopefully some amazing CPD before the Hands Up Project are at QUB on Saturday to show off their great work with school kids in Palestine and getting them in touch via Zoom and plays with kids all around the world.

Here is to a great week and a bit of craic while we’re at it!

If you are free on Wednesday night (18th May) come along to David Heathfield and my Sharing Stories event, where we are all telling stories from around the world and having a laugh while we do!

One comment

  1. Hi Alan. I couldn’t find an e mail address for you so I hope you can pick up this message here! I work for Ulster University and was at the IATEFL conference recently but sadly was not able to attend your storytelling event. However my colleagues and I did think that a storytelling session would be a wonderful ‘Guest Lecture’ for our pre-sessional students so I was wondering if you do these sessions privately and if so, how much you would charge. We have a small number of international students who will be based at the Belfast campus this summer and I was thinking if I could get a room in the Central Library just down the road, it would be a wonderful event. Let me know if this is something you could be interested in providing for us. It would most likely be a Wednesday afternoon in late July/ early Aug but we could be flexible if required. Best wishes, Deborah Cully (d.cully@ulster.ac.uk)


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